PLFTLJ04 – Jesus Often Withdrew to Pray

#PLFTLJ 04 – Jesus Often Withdrew for Prayers Luke 5.16 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. We surely should pray without ceasing and anywhere too! (At our desk, at the bus station, in the car, etc); But like Jesus often did we should set aside times of solitude (Isolation, seclusion) to pray; …

PLFTLJ03 – Jesus was Discerning

  #PLFTLJ 03 – Jesus Was Discerning/ Perceptive     To be perceptive is to have and show sensitive insight. One can be perceptive both in the Spirit (the inner mind) and in the soul (the physical being); both require constant practice to get sharpened over time.   As you live today, be intentional in …

PLFTLJ00 – Practical Lessons From The Life of Jesus

PLFTLJJesus is the reason for the season. Yes I know it’s not Christmas yet (but it’s almost :- ) ).He is not only reason for the yuletide season but also for all seasons of the life of a Christian.

He’s given a word for every season that has been and will ever be. For all season whether great or otherwise, He says “Men ought to ALWAYS Pray and not lose heart”, “In everything give thanks”, “Rejoice in the Lord Always”, to mention a few. In the season of trials, He says “Count it all Joy”, for He himself went through seasons of trials.

He’s walked where we walk, He’s felt what we feel, and knows what it entails/is required to live life in accordance to God’s will and great pleasure; so, learning from His time of being in our form by looking deeply in the account of His Life as recorded in the Bible is a sure way of knowing how to model our lives after His. That’s the origin of this series tagged Practical Lessons From the Life of Jesus.

Jesus’s birth, His name and purpose was heralded by prophets of God as well as by an Angel in the Bible. Like Him, we were also ordained alongside our purpose even before we were conceived, Jeremiah 1.5 testifies. No doubt about it, He is a perfect example.

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The Compass

  Picture this, you are placed in a vast desert and all you know is that you are right in the middle of a place called ‘Nowhere’.  You were given instructions on where to head from there; Canaan, a land filled with milk and honey. Thank God, a bottle of water for strength on the …