The Assignment Series

Dear reader,

This is an opening post for a series that I am particularly excited about because it is centred on purpose. Every man has been called to an assignment(s) that would culminate to purpose; God’s specific reason for creating us as individuals.

A major part of our purpose as sons of the Living God a.k.a Christians, is to have fellowship with Him by worshipping with our lifestyle and of course the fruits of our lips.

To fulfil this purpose, we would first need to identify by His help, what He’ll have us do and in what sphere He’ll have us function per time; this is what I call “The Assignment”. Google even puts it better, it defines an assignment as a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study.

What better way to get insights on carrying out our assignments than looking in and learning from the lives of those who have gone on before us especially in the bible and those who are ahead of us in this present time. Please join me in the posts listed below as we look at the lives of some men and their assignments from the bible.

P.s. One of my assignments as I recently discovered, is to share on social media, nuggets based on what I learn from my study of the Word of God and my walk with Him. Please Follow my Facebook page here and Instagram handle here.


Love & ‘Blessing!

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