The Assignment Series – A certain Man

Dear Reader,

This is a first on The Assignment Series and it talks about a season in the life of Joseph, the son of Jacob as recorded in Genesis 37.12-17.

Joseph had heeded his father’s call to go check the wellbeing of his brothers who were at the time tending flocks in the fields of Shechem. On his arrival at Shechem, his brothers were nowhere to be found but he kept wandering in the fields till he encountered a certain man.

Some points and lessons to note from this story are:

  1. Do not despise your assignment.

Before the time his father called him, Joseph had a series of dreams whose interpretations were that his brothers would bow to him. I imagine his sense of worth as well as the hate attitude his brothers must have displayed towards him on the account of those dreams (as recorded in Genesis 37.8), but he did not despise the assignment of going to see to their well being.

We must not consider any assignment small or despise them when God assigns us to one (by his written or spoken word or by the impressions in our hearts). As true sons of the father, when we discern an assignment, we must honor God and heed the call without delay irrespective of its size to our titles, position, or capabilities.


  1. Embrace your assignment – Stay in your calling

Joseph arrived at the known destination of the assignment but could not locate the elements of his assignment, so he wandered about right there. To wander means to move slowly without a clear direction. He knew his assignment, yet he wandered in the fields.

Even though we are sure we heard right, we sometimes might be unsure as to how go about fulfilling an assignment. The lesson here is that we must stay within the confines of the assignment even if we must wander.


  1. Be open to and seek goodly counsel **

A certain man found Joseph while he was wandering in the field and by the virtue of his being in the field before Joseph, was able to answers his question on his brothers’ whereabouts.

The main point and life lesson here is this: In the journey of life, we need the help and guidance of “a certain man”, sure men and women who are ahead of us, being on the field before us, and without doubts having insights and foresight in the fulfillment of Life (for Life itself is an assignment). These are sure men and women who have the ability and capacity to point us the higher way to go in our times of wandering in the field.

Suffice to say, that the certain man that found Joseph while he was wandering was key (destiny helper) to the fulfillment of his assignment. Pursing the assignment set Joseph on the course of his purpose (though an unpleasant journey at the start), and his destiny which was to be a solution provider and invariably, a ruler in the powerful nation of Egypt. This became an attestation to his dreams of even the Sun and moon bowing to him in obeisance. Through him, the Children of Israel migrated to the land of Goshen, initiating a season in their course to the promise land.


I would love to hear from you, please share your thoughts on this story and its lessons in the comments section. Also, If you have found any inspiration from this article, please share with your friends and family.


Love & ‘Blessings!

3 Replies to “The Assignment Series – A certain Man”

  1. Good one Bukola. We all need that certain man at one point or the other in our journey….we may also be that certain man to people. Thanks for this…..

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